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Patterned Glass

Pilkington patterned glass offers privacy and style throughout the home:

  • Five privacy levels are available: Level 1 (least obscuration) to Level 5 (greatest obscuration)
  • Available in both toughened & laminated versions for safety and/or security
  • Suitable for double glazing in both windows and doors

Pelerine (Privacy Level 5)

Tafetta (Privacy Level 3)

Minster (Privacy Level 2)

Mayflower (Privacy Level 4)

Florielle (Privacy Level 4)

Oak (Privacy Level 4)

Everglade (Privacy Level 5)

Digital (Privacy Level 3)

Contora (Privacy Level 4)

Charcoal Sticks (Privacy Level 4)

Chantilly (Privacy Level 2)

Flemish (Privacy Level 2)

Sycamore (Privacy Level 2)

Autumn (Privacy Level 3)

Arctic (Privacy Level 4)

Stippolyte (Private Level 4)

Cotswold (Privacy Level 5)


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